Oh me, Oh my!

It's been awhile. We had quite a month! The kids got wicked colds that resulted in croupe for Jamie. He did well with it though this go around. Then I got a vicious case of mastitis which also brought along the discovery of a penicillin allergy. The weekend I finally recovered from both the mastitis and the intense hives - the kids we're hit by spring cold number two! Whew. When it rains it pours, y'all.

Thankfully - we're all doing great now. I've implemented a schedule of sorts to my housekeeping duties and that is allowing me so much more freedom for crafting! I've been taking in some skirts that no longer fit me. I also deconstructed some old t-shirts to make into play skirts/dresses for Miss Evie and lounge shorts for Jamie.

Now would be the time to get cracking on those fall sweaters as well. Since I can't seem to go a couple days (TOPS!) without knitting - I have also started my very first cardigan for little Evie Rose. Next will be Jamie's. If I get real ambitious or I just fall in love with sweater making, I'll make myself one and The Celt one as well. However - I fear my ambition is lofty!

I am working on the Cascade sweater for Evie Rose. I'm barely into it seeing as I started it last night. I had so much fun with the first ten rows though!

Can we note that she is wearing a sweater...in June...in Tennessee?!?! Seriously. Not complaining at all! GORGEOUS weather the past couple of days!

Lately - I've been tearing through books as if they were water. I've read everything from homesteading books, to fiction, to a children's classic, and a book on how to make a Catholic home. The links take you to one book per category, but I've read a few in each of those categories lately. Evie Rose was taking naps on her own in the bed, but she has changed the last two weeks and will not let me lay her down for her naps. So I hold her and read. These days will pass too quickly after all.

How big is Evie? SO BIG!

Jamie is getting so big as well! He'll be three in a week and a half!
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  1. The Cascade sweater pattern looks adorable! It's been a cool start to the summer here in MN too. But at least the mosquitoes aren't too bad yet! :) Happy knitting!

  2. so glad you are better now ~ those are hard things to get through! love the book choices and yarn colour!!

  3. Thank you both! I agree about the mosquitos. I've barely had any bites this year!

  4. Found you through Frontier Dreams--we've a milk cow, too, and just sent a hog to the butcher yesterday. And we're Catholics living in Tennessee...and I'll agree, too, about the mosquitos, but my allergies seem worse this year than last.

    1. I love finding people doing the exact same thing we are in the same state! I agree about the allergies! Oh my goodness, mine have been off the charts this year. I half wondered if the last cold my kids had was nothing more than allergies. I'm going to check out your blog now :)


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