Snow and Colds

Fool cows. Ring leader - Brownie.
Sick baby boy.

Smiling through her misery.

We had some gorgeous snow this weekend. Oh - it was lovely! Alas - we couldn't really get out to enjoy the cold stuff. The babies and I were all bedded down with a wicked cold. The Celt now has it and is fighting his way through it to go in to his day job for The Man. Bless him. I don't think I could do it.  Don't let Evie's smile fool you. That is her knee-jerk reaction to cameras now. She was a pretty miserable monkey this weekend.

 See the cows standing by the equipment shed? They figured out how to open it and get into - um, well - EVERYTHING. Yikes. We have fixed it so they can't get in there anymore. At least, we hope we fixed it. 

I love snow...

But I'm ready for Spring!!


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