Seriously. This is what my yard looks like today, March 26, 2013.


I think someone missed the "It's Springtime!" memo. Just saying...

Let's flashback a couple of weekends ago, shall we?

Cute children playing in the warm sunshine!

Enjoying snacks outside!

Just loving the weather (and eating a banana.)

TONS of daffodils!
Yes. That's correct. Nearly 80 degrees a couple weekends ago. We played outside all day. We took trucks out and played in the random sand piles near the house (the woman we bought the house from really liked the beach.) See!!
One can't play with construction trucks without a cow present. Fact.

"C'mon Miss Evie. Let's go see the cows."

Are you dying of the cute?!?!

Cuteness Level: Master.

Winter - quit being such a diva! It's time to pass the crown to Spring, my friend. Your time to shine (or snow) will come again. Trust me. For now - I need more cute pictures like the above hand holding business.


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