Rain. More Rain. Wait is that...? Nope - More Rain.


Right after I finished drying Evie's in-desperate-need-of-sunshine diapers in the dryer. Meh. Fine. Beggars can't be choosers, y'all.

Have you seen my new clothesline?

Clotheslines aren't photogenic.

We've had some serious storms pass through this weekend. Thursday - we had a pretty scary 15 minutes. My brother-in-law, M, showed up just in time for the storm to start getting serious. M was playing dragons with Jamie in the playroom when the sky opened up on us. Rain was going in four different directions, shutters started flying off, a chair and table from the front porch decided to take off for green meadows, and the trees. Well - the trees didn't do so hot, y'all. We went down to the basement for a few minutes to wait it out. This house has too many windows for me to feel comfy cozy about chillin' upstairs while the wind was freaking out...

This is merely a sample. We lost eight trees total, including a beautiful old oak in the back of the middle pasture. It fell on the goon squads' (the boars') pen. Luckily - all are accounted for. I heard something about cattle and lightening not being friends. Not sure on that since ours are, thankfully, still alive. M got Napoleon in his shed before this all went down.

Speaking of Napoleon:

He's free! He's staying in his pasture...for now. Napoleon doesn't like women, but seems to like The Celt, M, and Jamie. Jamie walked right up and pet his nose today. He still won't let me close enough to even try that.

In other news - Evie is a teething mess of a toddler. It hasn't stopped her from her monkey antics though:
What do you mean phones are not for playing with? She totally doesn't care that Mommy doesn't want her climbing on things. Case and point:

Note the smirk and body language. This was after the, "Evie Rose! Get down from there!" She cares not.

And just because he's cute:

Jamie's been super helpful lately. I love that. Sweet boy.

Whew - I think this wraps up my random update for today. I'll (hopefully) be back tomorrow for the Yarn Along.


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