Ash Wednesday

I did it!!!

Y'all - I sucked it up and took both toddlers to mass today. Evie's already taken her ashes off of her forehead, but Jamie still has his. He's calling it his special dirt. Ashes...dirt...same thing to a little boy.

Good thing you can't see his lack of pants. I think he's giving them up for lent...

Or not.

There is no way I want him running around pantless all the time. For real.

Check out this post from Fr. Longenecker explaining the reason behind the ashes on the forehead.

Though Ash Wednesday is not a holy day of obligation - I refused to miss it on account of possibly maybe having a rough time with both kiddos alone. They were so well behaved! After mass, I looked at my little children and thought, "What kind of aliens inhabited your little bodies today?! Nevermind. I'll keep 'em." In all seriousness - I am so blessed to be their mother and to have this opportunity to teach them a little bit about our faith.


  1. Your hair looks wonderful! I love the darker auburn on you... just stunning.


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