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I fail time and time again in my prayer life. Some days would pass and I would realize I had not even prayed at all. Some days I had prayed nothing more than a Hail Mary in an effort to calm my lack of patience or my temper.

Quite frankly, I missed my quiet prayer time in the morning. I know I wrote previously about my time in the mornings. 5 am. Well - things changed. My ability to leave the bed that early was interrupted by my dear little girl. Evie Rose senses when I move from the bed. She's like a cat, y'all. Nothing gets past that kid!

It just took some time for me to carve out a little quiet time again! It appears she drops into a fairly deep sleep right about 6am or 6:30am. Thus why you find me up this morning. I've already said my morning prayers. Lately - I have been enjoying finding the time to say a Daily Offering to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as well as finding time for the Angelus (typically said 3 times a day around 6am, Noon, and 6pm).

Those are all really great times for me to pray! The children are asleep in the mornings. Evie Rose takes her nap about Noon. Come 6pm - the children are generally playing some game together so taking a quick moment for the Angelus isn't that hard for me. I think I needed to remember that the world would not end, the house would not fall apart, nothing will be thrown off by me stopping a few moments to pray. I sometimes get so involved with things getting done or a schedule that I push more important things aside. I hyper focus on menial tasks. I need to remember the story of Martha and Mary.

I have also started saying the Guardian Angel prayer with the kids every morning and we will say an  Our Father and a Hail Mary together during the day. My husband and I really enjoy saying a family rosary in the evenings after supper. Since my consecration to the Blessed Mother - I will also be adding the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin to my Noon prayers.

What do you and your families do for your daily prayers? Do you have a favorite prayer book? Do you have a special time to prayer during the day? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I also pray the Guardian Angel prayer, last year I prayed it in the morning now it's in the evening after my daily Rosary and the St Michael the Archangel prayer.

    I like early mornings and in the evenings. I have a couple favourite prayer books but I am also loving the Laudate app on my phone.

    1. How could I forget the St. Michael the Archangel prayer! We say that after our rosary in the evenings as well. I don't have a smart phone anymore (it wouldn't work out where we live anyway, haha) but I do have an iPad. I'll have to see if the Laudate app works for iPad too.

  2. I'm visiting from the Little Holydays linkup. I'm a stay-at-home mom to three little ones, and we do the Angelus at noon each day before lunch. I'm hoping to start doing a daily Rosary during Lent. Otherwise, I talk to God before bed and during the day (although those prayers often just sound like, "Dear Lord, help!" Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. How often I've done the "Dear Lord, help!" prayer as well!

  3. Thanks for linking up with Little HolyDays! I love finding new Catholic bloggers :)

    I definitely have the same problems - both finding time to pray, and focusing in on the menial tasks of life; I can manage to power through multiple loads of laundry, but sometimes struggle to fit in prayer!

    I love the idea of praying the Angelus! Trying to schedule a specific prayer for specific times would really help me stay on track!

    One prayer I always tend to fall back on is the Memorare; there's just something so comforting in the words "never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided"

    We haven't gotten to the point of saying a whole rosary with the kiddos, so for now we just try to do one decade at night, to ease them into the habit :)

    Take care!


    1. The scheduled Angelus really helps me stick to praying at least that. Same with the Daily Offering. It helps start my day on the right foot! As for the kiddos during our "family" rosary - They will mess with their rosaries a few minutes but generally end up playing together while my husband and I continue on.

    2. This is inspiring to me! I want to get really consistent about praying a daily rosary (one of my lenten disciplines!) but then I'd like to add some other forms of daily prayer to give my day more of a spiritual rhythm. I really enjoyed this post! We got Benjamin his own special rosary for his birthday and we're hoping to start praying at least a decade all together now that he's old enough to lead some prayers. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for linking up :)


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