Rainy Sunday Revelations

It's raining out our way. This just so happens to be the time of year I start yearning for Spring. I am making garden plans, purchasing seeds, thinking about organization more, and trying desperately to be patient. All things in good time and all.

That said - I have had breakthroughs concerning my faith this past week. It all culminated last night. What does this mean for you? Well - you'll be hearing a lot more about my faith on this blog. I will be posting about the activities I put together in order to teach my children, the special meals I make to celebrate certain feast days, and revelations I make concerning Catholicism. I wish I could say more about the breakthrough, but I have not the words - just feelings. Feelings so strong I wish I could share them with you, but I fear I lack the eloquence needed to do them justice. It all started when I read this, and I urge you to read it as well. Nothing I have ever read in my entire life has affected me like that book.

I have been thinking on what I will do for Lent. One of the things I am thinking about is that I will try to take the children to morning Mass once a week.

Confession time: I've never gone anywhere alone with the kids.

I know. I know. All of your eyes just bugged out of your head, right?

I'm so worried that Jamie will run off or that they both will have epic meltdowns while I am alone with them. It's time I stop worrying about such things. So what if the meltdown thing happens? It's probably happened to every mother out there! I just need to suck it up and deal with it. Jamie is pretty good about not running off. I will just have to watch him closely. I have carriers for Miss Evie. I think we're good. Plus - I need to be getting arts and craft supplies and The Celt's time is limited. It's about to get more limited due to work that needs to be done on this farm. It is time I woman up and just do it.


  1. It's always hard as a young mom - but take heart in knowing that it gets easier! Enjoy your kids while they are with you - Time goes go so quickly and then they are adults! That is fun too - but you can't go back to the babies - sounds like you have a busy life - I enjoyed your blog!

  2. I can't wait to here more - that was a big step I took this year in my online life and it's been so rewarding since I took that dive!

    I'm struggling with the kid at Mass thing too - we've moved from "squirmy cute baby" to "has the Devil possessed my toddler" stage and it's so hard not to use it as an excuse to ditch!

    1. Oh my goodness...I know what you mean! My son isn't so bad. The girl child acts as though we're killing her by asking her to stay in the pew. I end up in the cry room a lot. I'm not a huge fan of the cry room at the new parish. I feel so secluded from everything. :/


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