On sand -

Not the huge sand pit. This one is located only a few precious feet from our back door. Lovely.

Evil, Evil sand.

Originally - upon purchase of this beautiful house - I thought, "Wow - there is a lot of sand for the babies to play in! That will be such fun!" I'm sure it is for them since they rarely play anywhere else now that the pool has been removed. All that remains is a huge circular pit of sand.

Evil, Evil sand pit of extra housework for me.

I sweep 90 some odd times a day at this point. The babies play in it non-stop filling their shoes and hair with tons of sand. Trying to eat it - Sweet Miss Evie still thinks maybe one time it will taste amazing. She's still disappointed. Putting water in it so it attaches to them like an evil paste of doom bent on spreading itself in every.single.corner of my beautiful house. Don't even get me started on the fact that every cat and cat-like creature in a 100 mile radius of our home just had their handy dandy litter box beacon go off. The level of ew there is indescribable my friends.

Sand has moved from the "Oh what fun!" category and been firmly placed in the "Invented by the devil" category.

If you ever buy a house in which the former owner liked the beach so very much that she actually tried to bring it to her backyard - make sure you either do not have toddlers, love sweeping with a fiery passion, or remove aforementioned evil, evil sand before your toddlers really know what is going on.

When it warms up a bit more - hosing down will be necessary before the toddlers are permitted inside.


I think.

Soon - the evil sand pit of doom will be mixed with soil for the planting of some various sandy soil crops. We'll make the kiddos their own sand box complete with a super duper high tech cover (not really) to keep out any feline wishing to use the potty in it.

Problem solved.



  1. Welcome to my world - we don't have dirt in our yard, we have sand... then again, my whole state is nothing but one big beach so I should have figured this out.. but it is evil... bloody evil and vile and must be destroyed!!

    All of that to say, you have my deepest sympathies and understanding.

    1. I cannot imagine living where you live. The heat plus the evil sand would send me into a fit of rage. The pictures of the beach you post are very lovely though. It's a bit of a trade-off, I suspect. Lovely beaches, but evil sand and hellish heat.


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