Wednesday Garden Journal {Vol. II}

I could also title this, "Green."

...or perhaps, "A Million Reasons Why I Love Spring."

...or maybe something like, "YAY for Flowers and Veggies!"

Spring is here, y'all. I'm loving every brief moment I have of it. Already the weather is starting its upward climb. Sure - it'll get knocked back down several times yet, however the climb reminds me that spring is limited for us south of the Mason-Dixon. Soon, rather than later, the temps will soar right past pleasant finding themselves parked somewhere between sweltering and hell.  Right now - I'm enjoying kicking back with the windows open. I'm letting the sounds of birds and bees lull me into a blissful state of reverie. 

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  1. Best wishes for a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing your progress at the HomeAcre Hop! Look forward to seeing you again tomorrow:


  2. Like I always say - we do have four seasons, they're just named differently... hot, damn hot, gates of hell and Christmas.

    Your gardens are beautiful and I love all the green!


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