Wednesday Garden Journal {Vol. I}

I thought about joining in on the Saturday Garden Journal I've seen several bloggers posting, but Saturday is such a busy day for us around here. I'm lucky if I get to touch my computer on the weekends.

So - We have the Wednesday Garden Journal.

In one of the spare rooms in our house, we've set up a seed nursery of sorts. Jamie loves helping Daddy water "his" plants. 

I made her dress!!!

Evie Rose likes watering too, but mainly she likes to dig out the dirt. Thus why she's standing at the door now instead of standing near the poor baby plants...

The Celt and I weeded, tilled, and planted a bit this past weekend. 

Note to self: wear sunscreen next time. My skin still matches my hair. Ouch. 

Completely worth it though. I love getting my hands dirty! 

Peas. The only peas I will willingly eat that are not hidden in a stew or soup. Homegrown or none at all. The taste is so different to me.

Carrots...Hopefully. We've never done carrots before.

And not garden related, but we had some happy livestock this weekend!

Spring grass and rotating paddocks makes for happy cows!

Admittedly not livestock. Not even a good mouser. Mice are beneath him. He is old and cantankerous. Almost every photo I take of him looks similar to this. Demon cat.

The nutty piglets were moved to the bigger paddock now that they are getting big. I would have posted pictures, but I never have my camera with me when they are in photo range out there.

After all that work on Saturday - We kicked back and watched the sunset from our deck.

Have I mentioned how much I love this farm? This is living. We are so very blessed.

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  1. Love your share today....especially loved the sweet dress you made! Also, you are not the only one with a demon cat, TAZ (or The Tazmanian Devil)has glowing red eyes! LOL....have a blessed spring day.


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