And We're Back...Kinda.

And Taco approves.

Who's Taco???

Why - Taco is one of three (!!!!) old arthritic dogs the previous owner of our new house left behind for us.  No joke. Taco has taken to the boy child and the boy child desperately loves Taco. This is good news for Taco because I thought for sure he'd be headed for the pound. I thought he would be the worst with children. He is the best with BOTH kiddos.

We have obviously made the big move safely and without harm. Mostly. Unless you count the vomit that happened on the way to our new house. To many ups, downs, twists, and turns in the road for Monster. Poor kid. He gets ridiculously car sick.

                          ***********CUTE BABY PICTURE BREAK**********
PIG TAILS. Are you dying of cuteness?!?!? I totally am. (Please ignore the trash behind her out on the deck. We're in the process of remodeling and probably will be for awhile, haha!)

I'm going to leave y'all with a brief synopsis in pictures of our Christmas celebrations and then I should be back to regular blogging and such this next week. The move and the holidays have taken a ton out of me. We're a Catholic family so our celebration doesn't stop on December 26. Nay - It is just beginning and doesn't end until Epiphany.
Boy Child approves of his Christmas present. He would not relent on the fact that he wanted a bicycle this year.

The Girl Child approves of her big Christmas gift. Her daddy and I have already disabled the music that goes with it. *twitchtwitch*

Evie Rose got a chair just like "bubba's"

He's still stunned by the awesomeness.

Best. picture. EVER. I'm still giggling.

Jamie spent New Year's Eve puking from a virus that has been going around. Poor dear.

Best way to stop a nearly 1 year old's tantrum? Turn a camera on her. She immediately started cheesin'. Goober.



  1. She and Hobbit have the same temperament - you are in for a ride... lol. I am glad that y'all are getting settled and I pray that things continue to go in the best direction possible... and I had no idea she left you three dogs!!


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