One Year

One year.

One WHOLE year...

How does time go by so quickly now?

Miss Evie Rose is one year old today.

She has played hard today. 
It hardly seems possible. How much joy this little girl has brought to our lives! She is so silly and so sweet. She loves her big brother dearly and her daddy hung the moon just for her. My little snuggle bug. Snuggle bug is actually the thing I call her the most. She just loves to cuddle and I can't complain! She is a walking, talking (mostly babbles still, but she says lots of words too), singing, dancing, fun-loving ray of sunshine. Serious isn't much in her nature. Stubborn is however - oh boy, haha!

Yesterday - while giving the kids a bath - she got a serious face when Jamie started talking about the water "going away." She nodded her little head and said, "wa go way" then looked up, squinted at me, and proceeded to slam her hand into the water and said with a squeal of delight, "pass!" I interpreted that was 'splash!' haha! Jamie looked up and said, "I can't say 'dadgumit'" and right as I was about to say, "No, you may not," sweet Evie Rose latched hold of that word and enunciating very clearly said, "dadgumit." The shock and fear that she would now be saying this must have shown on my face. Anyone with kids knows that kids can smell fear like bees and dogs smell fear. She started repeating it louder and louder. "DadGUMit. DADGUMIT!!!" I hung my head in shame...okay, okay I hung my head because I was desperately trying to stop myself from laughing before looking up to tell her not to say that. I could have worse problems than my littles running around saying dadgumit.

Sweet Evie Rose loves to play outside. She loves playing with her barn set, reading books, and adores playing cars with her 'bubba.' She has a little stuffed kitty cat she loves to snuggle with, but mostly it's reading, cars, and farm animals for her. Music makes her happy and her favorite food is raw tomatoes. She's not very picky about what she eats which differs greatly from her brother.

My sweet, beautiful baby girl. I think I will hold her some more now...


  1. I remember when we first learned she was coming - wow, I can't believe she's a year old already! Give her a snuggle and raspberry from me.


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