Ice Stormapalooza!!

Ice Storm Warning! Avoid travel! Prepare for imminent death!

Okay, okay. The weather warnings were not quite that bad. They left off the imminent death part. I know they just want you prepped for the worst if it were to happen. More often than not however, nothing really happens. The roads are fine. The grass, trees, barns, and such all had a beautiful coat of ice this morning. Wanna see??

A tree near our back deck.

Look at that ice!

Turtle rock formation we keep finding in our creek - covered in ice.

I'm seriously surprised the internet still works, y'all.


Good thing our cows aren't adventurous. The barbed wire was covered in ice as well!

More ice.

Even more ice. I love this little hummingbird plant thingamajig.

Cute baby alert! Kindly ignore the ugly table she's playing on. It works for the time being ;)

Sweet boy in a cabinet with his face covered in chocolate.  

Alright. The last two pictures have nothing to do with ice. How could I resist though?!


  1. At least they are content to play inside while it's slippery outside!


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