"Mommy's making me a hat!"

"Mommy's making me a hat so I don't get cold when I go to feed the chickens!"

This is the sentence I have heard over and over, endlessly, since Friday. My heart could fly when I hear his little voice say this sentence or some variation of it. I would have had Monster's hat ready on Monday. Alas - I made a guess that was wrong and was forced to start over. At least it is a quick knit. It is knitting up beautifully in a cobalt blue Monster chose from my stash. I cannot wait to finish it for him so he can wear it. I am incredibly glad that I can knit up hats for my family now!

I am hopefully going to start this sweater for Miss Raspberry in the next couple weeks or so. I am waiting until we move to start on it. It's very ambitious for my first sweater. We shall see if I am able to tackle it or if it ends in tears!

We have the move happening right after Thanksgiving. We decided to wait until after Thanksgiving so we didn't feel rushed the week of Thanksgiving. It is hard to believe that we are closing on our own little farm tomorrow! I couldn't be more excited. I am so glad this tedious house purchasing process will be behind us. We will move onto the house renovating process. This excites me! A house of our own to do what we wish with! No more asking permission or not being able to remove old 90's style curtains. Every choice will be our own.

I am linking up with Nicole over at Frontier Dreams for her Keep Calm Craft On post. If you're looking for inspiration - that is the place to go!


  1. He's going to look great in that, especially with those beautiful eyes of his and his crazy long lashes... yep, that will be one stylish chicken feeding little farmer you'll have on your hands. Hobbit has been wearing her raspberry hat that I made her... she loves it when the people ask her where she got it and she gets to say "my mama made it for me". One of the few kids who prefers handmade to store bought - and I am so blessed for it.

    1. I feel incredibly blessed as well. It made me work that much harder on it.

  2. Very nice! I love the blue, and how special that your little one picked out the color. It's fun to craft for those who love homemade!

  3. How exciting! One day I'd love to have a little farm too :) Can't wait to see what kind of adventures await your family at your new home.

  4. So sweet! I bet it feels so good to have your handmade woolens the object of such loving appreciation.


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