Packing The Correct, Efficient Way

Hahahahahahahahahaha *snort* HahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp*

I hate packing.

Correct? Nope. Not happening.
Efficient? Well - let's just pretend it is...

I just put stuff in and label it. I do - at the very least - wrap the fragile things.

Did anyone else just flashback to the scene in A Christmas Story?

You know - the one where the father gets his prize and is reading FRAGILE wrong?? I've been saying Frah-Gee-Lay all day as I have been writing that on the buckets we using for the packing.

I hate packing. I hate it, Bob.

THE PLAN is as follows: pack, pack, pack, and pack some more the next few days. Load the truck Sunday and Monday. Move on Monday. Our priest should be out Monday or Tuesday to bless the house. Monday the phone line gets hooked up. Cell phone reception is spotty out there. Monday or Tuesday the satellite internet gets hooked up.  No more cable internet for us! We're too far out now. I kinda love it. I like being far away from stuff. Anyway - back to THE PLAN: unpack.

 I like unpacking. Weird? Perhaps. I have this odd satisfaction with all of our stuff being exactly where I want it. It will never be that way again. I have toddlers.

So the move is on! I'll be back soon with regular-ish posting.


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