Seven Quick Takes

WE OWN OUR FIRST HOME!!!!!!! We closed yesterday. Much happy dancing can be seen around this house today. And NYC...because The Celt had a quick business trip to NYC. He's back tonight. Really quick trip, haha.

Now I have to pack so we can move after Thanksgiving. Meh to the packing.

This is what happens when Monster figures out how to work the web cam:

I love those babies.

It was so cute when I caught him messing with it, that I had to snatch me a kiss

Sweet, sweet Monster.

I'm trying some gluten-free pizza tonight. Wish me luck, haha. So far - all the gluten-free business isn't as bad as I originally thought it would be and I feel sooooooo much better without it in my system. I got some accidentally the other day and was extremely ill for a good bit. Yikes. I'll have to be more careful.

I had this very adorable picture of Miss Raspberry to show y'all, but the picture is in NYC and in meetings all day :( I will save it for next week. She's a monkey and crawling into everything. 

WE OWN OUR FIRST HOME!!!!!!  Seriously. Saying that just won't get old. The plan is first fences go up for the livestock, then we clean everything thoroughly, and then THEN we move. YAY!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Congrats! Its exciting news when you close on a home. Especially your first. Sounds like you will be quite busy for some time. Happy Thanksgiving.


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