Seven Quick Takes Friday - Long Time No Post

I have (obviously) not posted for some time now. The stress of purchasing our first (and hopefully last) house has been nearly more than I could endure. I apologize for my absence. I will fill you in on the good and bad goings on in a reader's digest version.

Ready? Here we go!
Raspberry took three steps! *gasp* She's only nine months old. I'm not anywhere close to ready for this stage.

Monster can almost identify all of his ABC's! He'll be two and a half in December. I'm so proud of him! He really likes this ABC book we acquired from box of discard books that a woman who attends our church had on hand. Monster looks at all the pictures and points to the letters saying each one. He gets stuck with Q and G. Also - he sometimes mixes up B and K. He has a little alphabet abacus that he has started playing with in earnest. He likes to point out his favorite letters on my laptop keyboard as well! Monster is getting so big!

Fruit flies. Drain flies. Little tiny devil flies...Whichever you call them - they are still a great big pain in the rumpus! I have waged a war against the ones in our rental home. Evil, evil creatures sent to drive me mad. I'm close to just lighting the kitchen on fire at this point. Okay - not really. Plus - it is not my house to burn down.

 I found the 2009 BBC Miniseries adaptation of Emma on Amazon Instant Stream Video. Bonus - we're prime members so I get to watch it for FREE. This made my day so much sweeter today! Happiness is holding a snuggly baby while watching Jane Austen adaptations and eating Reese's Cups. Fact.

In the mornings now, Monster helps The Celt with farm chores. Monster gets to feed the chickens and bring Brownie, our milk cow, a little grain. He is so excited to be doing chores! It is so fun to watch him have a blast just giving the chickens some scratch feed.

My awesomeness knows no bounds. In a moment of sheer and utter brilliance - I put my camera charger somewhere safe. The safest place I could imagine. So safe, that not even I can find it.

 DOH! *head meets desk - repeatedly*

 I know I'll find it during the move, but I'm missing precious moments with my babies! I will continue the hunt in hopes of finding it prior to the packing and moving.

 The best news EVER came today.  Are you ready to hear it? Yes? I'm bursting to share it!

We have a closing date!!!!!!!!!

Lots of exclamation points in case you don't realize to hugeness of such an announcement.

We'll be moving the week after next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!

I think we need more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. Whew. Done with the exclamation marks.

Well - y'all are all up to date now. I'm linking up with Jen over at Conversion Diary. I just love reading all the seven quick take-y goodness over there. You should go check it out!

Conversion Diary


  1. Try vinegar to get rid of the flies. Pour it down the drain and leave some on the counters after you clean the kitchen for the night. This helps for us sometimes and at least it won't kill you.

    1. Thank you! Part of my war on them was putting out dishes of apple cider vinegar and dish soap mix as well as pouring some down the drain. They are still lingering on the faucet handle (which I've also cleaned) and faucet. Thus the reason I felt the only way to deal with them was to just light them on fire.


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