My Secrets

I was 260lbs at one point of my life. I am all of 5'2 if I stand up reallllllly straight. I was miserable.

Granted - I was on every drug they could throw at me for things I didn't have and for the side effects to drugs I didn't need. A lot of the side effects caused weight gain and extreme hunger. When I met my husband, he helped me change a lot of things in my diet. We got me off of all of the prescription drugs which were trashing my health. The diet changes I keep making are keeping me healthy and happy. Pair that with some exercise - I've lost nearly 100lbs. I've seen a couple of pictures of me back then...It's hard to believe.

I started exercising before I had Monster. Then I quit. I tried a couple of times to start back up when he was a baby, but I failed miserably.

My secret?

I started to exercise again! I love that tingly feeling in your muscles when your done exercising. I love seeing Monster try and do Tae Bo with me. I love that my kids are seeing me make healthy choices. Hopefully - that will lead to their own healthy choices.


  1. So inspiring! I too have found *amazing* benefits from exercise. So nice to "meet" you! :)


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