Where I've Been...

Uh oh! Or as Raspberry says, "Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-OHHHHHHHHH!" I haven't posted in a good while. Where have I been? What has kept me busy? Allow me to show you!

The Celt was showing Monster all about the "geee-tar" as Monster calls it. Love them.

She always wakes up so very happy. She's our little sunshine girl.

Seriously. I love those sweet babies. Bath time is fun. They splashed and played until they were both prunes.

Knitting a simple scarf for The Celt and making my first afghan with yarn from my stash.

Speaking of stash - Can you guess what this will be? Allow me to show you: This stash will soon turn into this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/grannys-a-square-afghan. I'm so excited!!!

Also on my list of things to finish before it gets cold are scarves and mittens for both Monster and Raspberry. Eek! Tons to do. I have started my fall cleaning and organization, which is part of what has kept me so very busy. This brings me to my last bit of news...

We're on the hunt for a new farm. We have been setting up showings all week. I couldn't be more happy right now. We're actually buying a farm. What a dream come true! We would like something a bit remote with a little more land. The organization should help make for quicker packing. I despise packing so anything that helps the process along is going to be my saving grace.

That's what I have been doing lately.


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