I've seen on a couple of my favorite blogs (Frontier Dreams and Crunchy Catholic Momma) talk of rhythms. It made me start thinking...we desperately need one around here.

I have certain chores I tackle on certain days, however Raspberry's birth knocked me all out of whack. It's time to get back in the groove of things. I've been keeping up with the house - just a different spastic version of a rhythm. Kids, generally, thrive on the familiar. Monster has definitely proved this to me time and time again. If things get too out of whack, he turns into a very upset version of himself. Well - I've been out of whack for a good bit now (Raspberry's 6 1/2 months!)

What's a rhythm? It's a gentle flow to your days, weeks, & months. I'm not talking about a rigid schedule. I'm talking more of knowing what to expect from the days. Starting today, our rhythm is as follows:

Monday:  Organization Day. (The day of rest destroys my house, haha!!)

Tuesday: Knitting/Crocheting & Music Day.

Wednesday: Book/Library Day.

Thursday: Baking Day. Bathroom Detailed.

Friday: Arts and Crafts Day!! Every other week - Movie Night! Basic Upkeep Cleaning.

Saturday: Grocery Shopping and Errand Day.

Sunday: The Lord's Day - Our day of rest.

Once we move to our new farm, I'll probably bump the grocery and errands to a once a month thing. We'll be further out whichever direction we choose. This is a "Let's see how this works..." type thing. If this doesn't flow for us - I'll change it up and blog about the changes made. 


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