One of those days

It has been one of those days here. One of those days that make you want to throat punch happy people and bite the heads off kittens....

Me: "Monster, would you like to color a picture with some markers?"
Monster: "NO!" Throws himself on the floor.

Me: "Monster, let's clean up the blocks you're not playing with right now."
Monster: Proceeds to slam his wagon into the wooden blocks scattering them to every corner of the house.

Me: "Let's not feed the baby eggs, darling. Mommy's not sure if she's allergic."
Monster: Jams a bite of eggs in Raspberry's mouth.

Me: "I need the bathroom light to stay on while I clean in here."
Monster: turns the light ONOFFONOFFONOFFONOFF...then walks away.

Me: "How 'bout we paint a pretty picture to show to Daddy when he gets home from work?"
Monster: "NO!" Throws himself on the floor.

Me: Cleans up entire room. Walks out to take some trash to the study where the trash can resides. Comes back to the bedroom to find Monster pulling apart my linen cabinet...

Me: "No tackling the baby!!"
Monster: FLYING leaps from the fireplace to tackle the baby.
Raspberry: ...GIGGLES. This time at least.

Me: "Gentle with the baby! Don't climb up there - you'll get hurt! No, sir - You do not push Raspberry. Please give the baby back her toy. No bouncing megablocks off Raspberry's head! No jumping on the bed. Don't eat soap! Toilets are not for playing in!"



I'm hoping the nap I just put him down for will improve his mood. He's cutting his 2 year molars and they are no joke. He has refused almost every food I've tried to get him to eat today. Eggs were the winner. He ate 5 scrambled eggs...well, most of them. He jammed a few bites in Raspberry's mouth. Hurry molars and cut through. I'm not sure my sanity will hold much longer.


  1. Good gravy, we are having the same day! I'll pray for you if you pray for me.


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