Slow, Fun Day

I woke up this morning to a little girl smiling up at me. She scooted about, then sat herself up in the bed. She glanced all about and fixed her sights on The Celt. She crawled the small space between them, pulled herself up on him (he had his back to her), clutched hold of his hair, and began yanking. I heard The Celt chuckle and say, "good morning," to little Miss Raspberry. She was all smiles for her daddy. I deeply love bed sharing with her. She's still up 3 to 4 times a night to nurse, so bed sharing saves my sanity and allows for me to get a decent, passable amount of sleep. The Celt adores waking up to her sweet smiles. Last night, I woke and realized she wasn't right up beside me where she normally sleeps. I looked over and saw her snuggled so close to The Celt. The adorable factor was through the roof. Both of them looked so peaceful just snoring away.

Yesterday - Monster played hard with his cousin. Maybe to hard. He's had a tummy bug and spiked a fever last night. It broke quickly, but the kid is still have tummy trouble today. Poor Monster! We did a warm bath today to help him feel better. Raspberry is finally starting to like the bath, so she joined him as well. 

It's been a slow and fun day. I've gotten tons of cleaning done and the kiddos are in great moods. Tomorrow - I'll post later than normal. We have Monster's two year check-up (2 months late, but close enough) and Raspberry's 6 month check-up. I'll post their stats up on here!


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