The Case of the Missing Wallet

A couple months ago, my wallet disappeared. Vanished. Poof. Gone.

I blamed my mom brain. I blamed my Houdini toddler, Monster. I blamed sneaky gnomes. I prayed to St. Anthony and still nothing. No wallet. Last week, with a heavy sigh, I ordered a new license, debit card, and wallet. I got them all on Friday.

What happens?

Someone finds my old wallet...of course!

I got a text early this morning stating that my brother-in-law found my wallet in my in-law's couch. I couldn't be happier!! I do have the new wallet, license, and debit card - true. However, I had stupidly kept my social security card in my wallet. I thought I had lost that as well. I had pictures in my old wallet that couldn't be replaced. I have those now.


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