7 Quick Takes Friday

I'm linking up with Jennifer over at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday!

What's the best invention ever? A coffee mug that actually keeps my coffee warm the ENTIRE morning. I shall call my mug "My Precious" and if anyone dare try to steal it - I shall go all Gollum on their behinds. No joke. Worth.Every.Penny.

What happens when the toddler stashes a green capless marker? This:
COVERED in green marker. The other hand is worse. Don't even get me started about the inside of her mouth.

Monster fancy's himself British. He keeps running around saying, "OH! Do be careful." or "I do need to be careful." Nooooo clue where he got it from, but it's rather adorable.
What happens when I go to change the laundry? Chaos. Every.single.time.

I wish this were a case for not changing the laundry. Ohhhh...better yet. I wish this were a case for not FOLDING the laundry. *sigh* 

Wow. I just got mega distracted from this post by the black hole that is Pinterest. What am I doing? Blogging? Oh yeah...but there are cupcakes, more pumpkin recipes, and funny memes to pin!!
I'm enjoying the sweet baby snuggles today. Miss Raspberry turns 8 months tomorrow. Time flies. The days are long, but the years are short.

Small world! I just found out one of my favorite bloggers lives in the city I was born in.

There it is folks. My seven quick takes for today! 


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