Keep Calm Craft On - Hat? Dish cloth?

Could be either...

I haven't actually decided yet. I'm totally just fooling around. This isn't from a pattern - I'm making it up as I go along. I needed something to do with my hands this morning, but didn't want to pick up the afghan just then or cast on the sweater for Miss Raspberry at the moment. I need more coffee for that. It requires counting ;)

I had a bit of insomnia out of nowhere last night. To say I'm dragging today would be kind...Alas - I have a good cup of my favorite brand of coffee - hazelnut flavored. They do flavored coffee right over at Mystic Monk. No burning the flavor on the beans like others have a tendency to do.

I'm linking up with Nicole over at Frontier Dreams today. Get on over there and check out all the crafting on! There is so much inspiration over there. That's where I found Raspberry's sweater pattern :)


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