Firetrucks Sleep On The Shelf

Early Thursday morning, Monster's Nonni dropped by for a visit. He adores his Nonni so very much. This visit - she brought a surprise for Mister Monster. She brought a Tonka lights and sounds firetruck. Immediately - this became his favorite toy. It was so favored by my sweet boy that he wished to take it to bed with him.

 Uh oh.

Monster is still sleeping in his crib at night. We're dragging our feet on switching him to a big boy bed. We know it needs done, but still he remains in his crib. In his crib resides several things other than a Monster. He has two blankets, (a warm one and his blankey, which I am not permitted to wash. Death awaits me if I try, )  a small camping pillow he loves, a Lightning McQueen stuffed toy, a Lightning McQueen plastic toy, a Mater plastic toy, a small plastic firetruck, 3 hot wheels cars, 4 stuffed monkeys (one's bigger than he is,) and Hrothgar The Penguin. Add to this a large toy that lights up and makes realistic fire engine sounds and we have ourselves a problem.

The Celt was trying to get Monster to sleep that night, but Monster desperately wanted that firetruck. The Celt was struck with brilliance and proceed to explain to our little boy that firetrucks sleep on the toy shelf. Monster was hesitant, but he accepted this explanation. He got very thoughtful about the whole "Firetrucks sleep on the shelf" business. Monster started to list his toys that he had in his crib.

Monster: Mater sleeps in my crib.

The Celt: Yep. That's right.

Monster: Lightning McQueen sleeps in my crib.

The Celt: Yep. You got it, Buddy!

Monster: *points to the shelf* Firetrucks sleep on the shelf...

The Celt: Firetrucks sleep on the shelf. It's happier there.

Monster: *thinking very hard* Daddy - THIS firetruck sleeps in my crib...*accusing stare as he holds up the small plastic firetruck he's always slept with*

The Celt: *thinking CRAAAAAAAAAAAP. I was just caught in a lie.* I made a mistake in saying firetrucks. That firetruck *points to shelf* sleeps on the shelf, but your little one can sleep in the crib with you.

Monster: *staring...*

The Celt: The other firetruck is big and likes his own space to sleep.

Monster: *staring* Ohhhhkay. THIS firetruck sleeps in my crib. THAT firetruck sleeps on my shelf.

The Celt had a long conversation with Monster, following that exchange posted above, on where toys sleep. Where did his ride on truck sleep? Where did his lawn mower sleep? Where did the wheelbarrow sleep? Where did his books sleep? So on and so forth. Then - that precious, sweet boy tried to give his blankey to the big firetruck. The Celt explained that firetrucks don't need blankets Monster wrapped the fireman that goes in the big truck up in his blankey and laid him on his little pillow. He snuggled against his monkeys and went to sleep.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy this age!!

Blurry because he won't.stop.moving. Kid's got fire ants in his pants.


  1. Please tell me was able to watch "Toy Story"... please, oh please, oh please!!

  2. YES! He loved it! He asked to watch it in the morning. Sweet, sweet boy.


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