Back To Normal


I had not taken into consideration how the heavy antibiotic would effect my system. I was nauseous four times a day. Every time I turned around it was time for another dose. Thus the lack of posting. However - clearly, I am back!

I woke up this morning and after some considerable I don't wanna's and other various whines (shameful behavior!) I got my booty up and did my exercise DVD for the first time in a week. It was rough going, but I am so very glad I did it! I have had buckets of energy today. BUCKETS, I say!

It is one of those wonderful early fall days here. The temps appear to have topped out at 73 degrees and it's raining. I don't mind the rain though. It makes for good knitting, crocheting, and baby snuggling! I'm hoping to dig up some blog post inspiration while Miss Snuggle Bug Raspberry naps. I'm hoping to have pretty regular blog posts...We'll shall see, haha. I always have the best of intentions, and you know very well what they say about good intentions.


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