Oh My Dear Books...

I've had to let go.

"Of what?!" You ask.

Of my unrealistic expectations concerning books. Of my need to keep the spines unbroken and the pages unbent. Of my desperate need to keep the covers intact.

You see - I had babies. They like to take books off of shelves. They think it's fun to throw them onto the floor because they go, "boom!" This I understand...

My treasured books are way up high where little hands cannot reach those precious pages. The others - I had to let go. It was unrealistic to expect my two year old and seven month old to leave the books within reach alone. They are too tempting. Plus - Mommy likes to hold them so why shouldn't they want to mimic my behavior. I have tried everything to stop the book abuse, but they don't understand. They are two years old and seven months old. I shouldn't be expecting them to understand this yet. So for my sanity - I've let them go. I let the children have fun with the books I probably won't ever pick up again. Books I won't be upset to see bent and broken.

Oh who am I kidding. I will always be just a touch unnerved by bent and broken books. I had to weigh the options though. It was constantly be upset or just let it go and walk away. Put the situation in a freakin' bubble and blow it away.

The long and short of it is I love my kids more than I love my books. I'll sacrifice a few books for some children laughing. My priorities shifted when I had the children - as they should.


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