7 Quick Takes Friday

Over the house buying process. Over.It. That's all I am saying because everything else I feel like saying will end me up in confession...
Monster has been chock full o' energy this week. He's been waking earlier than usual and taking naps again. He's been up to much of the same old stuff. Monster finds it wildly amusing to dive bomb his baby sister from our couch. Raspberry finds this either massively catastrophic or wildly amusing as well. Depends on her mood. 
Monster has told me and The Celt several things this week. Some of the more amusing anecdotes include: Cows sleep in the grass. Pigs sleep in the mud...but Monster sleeps in his crib; Tuna fish is the yummiest fish ever; Monster's name is NOT bubba. Bubba means brother? Ohhhhhhh. Monster is a bubba. 
...And I just pulled Raspberry's robeez shoe (singular...only one shoe) out of the washer. Thus concludes a week of fun filled Monster antics. This kid cracks me up and makes me want to pull out my hair at the same time. He's definitely his daddy's child as far as personality goes ;)

Found where the chickens are laying. WOO HOO for fresh eggs again!! 

Rare picture of me. This doesn't happen often. I am an elusive creature. Okay, not really. I am just normally behind the camera. Raspberry was soooo sleepy here. I wish her head hadn't gotten cut off. :/

The door to summer just slammed. We have actual fall weather here. In it's honor I have a big crock pot full of chili cooking up. I'm already looking forward to supper. **Why is my spell-check wanting to change crock pot to crackpot? I think my spell-check may have a drug problem, y'all.
Week 4 of gluten-free is passing and I feel amazing. I'm also starting to look up baking recipes for gluten-free holiday goodies. I do not want to go back to feeling the way I did before I tried this way. I am obviously gluten-intolerant. Case and point: I have been eating eggs, which I thought I was slightly allergic to. Nope. It was the toast that I always ate with my eggs that was the problem. :( I have gotten some accidental gluten a couple times and was miserable as a result. Ugh. I do still miss a good, yeasty roll. 

Since we removed the TV from plain sight, Monster has been playing with his toys much more often. He was very proud of his tower city (as were we!) that he built the other night. Ignore the fact that he is not wearing pants. Pants are demonic in nature and are to be banished at every possible chance. Then again - He is wearing pants today! This is no small accomplishment. Maybe I should take pictures...

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