Seven Quick Takes

In the "things I don't understand category" - I firmly place the color white. Okay, so I understand the color white. I do not however understand all white decorating with a tiny splash of color on the curtains. I wish this trend would die. Seriously. It's not decorating, y'all. It's just white. It makes me think of living in an apartment you are not permitted to paint.

Another placement in the "things I don't understand" category: Ombre hair color. Every time I see this I think: Um - Your roots are showing. I don't get how this is a cute trend.
The above two things firmly place me in the old category. I'm cool with that. Now - quit white washing every thing and go to the salon to get your roots touched up, young'uns!

I finished my first crochet project! I'm so happy. I'm starting another granny square style blanket with this pattern here. 

I am contemplating casting on this too. I have never done cables and it says it's a good starter cable project.

Just sitting...on the fireplace hearth...
My girl child is a monkey, y'all. She climbs. She cannot walk yet, however she still climbs.

"Mommy, come pat my back, peas."
This is one of the sweetest little boys ever. He has been cracking me up this week, y'all. Just now - He woke up fairly happy. Miss Raspberry and I were standing by his crib when I reached in to show Raspberry a stuffed animal cat (she loves kitties). Monster immediately reached for the cat and said, "I need Mommy to get out of my room and get away from my cat." I walked out of the room laughing hysterically. Oh - this kid. He was so matter of fact. Gotta love toddlerhood.

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