Slacking On My Seven Quick Takes

I've sat down to do these like 3 times this week. My mind has wandered every time. My mind just cannot focus this week due to some allergy/cold issues.
As I wrote number one - my toddler took the diaper sprayer attached to the toilet and soaked our bathroom with it. Ah, good times. Gooooooood times.

I successfully knitted my first hat. Pictures will follow later this week. What? I'm being lazy. 
 The girl child is so tired right now that she is actually snoring on my chest while I type this up. She's so busy now, and it takes so much to get her to stop. 

My "yay!" moment of the week was learning that our new house has a garbage disposal. NO MORE SINK DRAIN STUFFING! Oh goodness - no one tell my husband I do that. Wait - he reads this. Hi honey...I don't stuff the drains. I was - um - just joking... 
Funny Monster things from this week: 
-A David Gray song came on my Pandora station and he stood still and started shaking his head in a "no" type fashion. I asked him what was wrong. He looks me dead in the eye and says very seriously, "This - THIS is a GOOD song." and continues with the head shaking.
-I asked Monster if he wanted a cookie and he replied with, "No. I NEEEEEED a cookie." 

The single hardest thing I've ever done in my life is bake cookies for a bake sale. Cookies that I could not eat. Not even one. Why? I've gone gluten-free, y'all. Long story.  Looking at those delicious cookies until they were taken away to the sale about killed me. Giving Monster some and not eating any myself was excruciating. Recovering from a c-section - pshhh...piece of cake. Dealing with a toddler and an almost toddler 24/7...walk in the park. Not being able to eat my most favorite cookie in the world because I'm gluten-sensitive...TORTURE. Pure and simple. I did however manage to abstain from the cookies (and the cookie dough *cries of anguish*) . Score one for me!

Conversion Diary


  1. I can stay away from the dough but the hot fresh cookie from the oven... yeah, no. I'd be in pain later but in heaven for those few brief moments.


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