9 Months That Feel More Like 9 Days

Today, Miss Raspberry is 9 months old. Those nine months flew by faster than Monster's first nine months.  I feel like I just brought her home...

She says a ton of things now: Mama. Dada. Brother (bubba). Up. Kitty Cat (sounds more like Key Caaaa). Boom (Bom). Crash (Craaaa). Hi. Bye bye. Pat pat (usually coupled with kitty cat. She LOVES kitties). Clap (cap). Hey! (She usually reserves this for Monster's toy taking offenses that do not deserve crocodile tears.)

She can sign for more and used to sign for milk. Now she just yells until I understand, haha. I'm trying to teach her the sign for eat and hope she likes that one better than the one for milk. She shakes her head for no and nods for yes. She doesn't always do them at the appropriate times though. She really likes shaking her head no whenever we say it.

She is almost walking. She stands on her own and she'll walk if she's barely holding your hand, but she has only attempted walking a couple of times and decided she'd rather crawl. She's a speed demon crawler so that may be why.

Raspberry is pretty much always smiling, but when she's mad - watch out! Her and Monster play ridiculously well together now. My house shows it too! I'm getting more housework done these days. After nearly 8 months of pretty much constant sling/Ergo wearing her, I'm happy to see her gain a little independence. She's still my little snuggle-bug. She's a goofy, fun, and very loving child. She is definitely more dramatic than Monster. He is sooooo laid back. It's fun to see their differences in personalities.

Part of me already yearns for another little one - then I realize that this little one doesn't come close to sleeping through the night yet! She's still up 3-6 times a night. Without co-sleeping, I would not be functional in the morning. That's right! She still sleeps nestled between me and The Celt. There is yet another difference between Monster and Raspberry. Monster would not even sleep with me and Raspberry when The Celt had to go away on a business trip. He loves his bed and his space. He's just that type of kid. I digress. I could go on for hours when it comes to talking about my children, y'all.

Miss Raspberry has brought so much sunshine to our little family. Monster adores her. The other day - they were playing some made up game together. I asked Monster if he liked having a sister. He replied with a very enthusiastic 'Uhhh HUH!' We're so happy God blessed us with both of our children.

Raspberry waving 'hi'

Cheesin' while playing on the couch cushions. Taken today.

Just drinking some tea. Not really. It's empty, y'all.


...and cheesin' about it.



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