Knitting Fears Conquered

As promised, here are pictures of my new hat. It was a huge hit! So huge - I have been asked to make some as Christmas presents. I better get cracking on those! With the move looming over us and the holidays - I'll be lucky to finish in time.

Thanks to my amazing photography skills - the hat looks rather pink. Alas - it is not pink at all. It's very red. I used some wool yarn a dear friend sent to me awhile back. It's an excellent color and worked incredibly well for the hat. I was worried for a bit that I would not have enough, but it turned out I did with a little leftover even!

Better picture of the cables and such. You can even see my mess up spot ;)
I love being able to make things with my hands. A whole new world has opened up to me with the crafting.

What about y'all? What are all y'all crafting lately?

I am joining with Nicole again for Keep Calm Craft On. Be sure to check out all the crafty goodness over at Frontier Dreams. There is also a super awesome Luna Grey Fiber Arts Giveaway going on over there, so be sure to get in on that as well!

*Edited to add link to pattern for the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret


  1. Looks snuggly and comfy. Do you have a link to the pattern?

    1. Oh goodness! I cannot believe I forgot to add the link. I edited the post to include it. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  2. Hi from long ago and far away! Suzanne here. We're like knitting sisters, I swear! Isn't that hat pattern just the best? I love it and have made 5 hats from it.

    Just wanted to tell you it looks great, your children are more adorable than I remember, and that your Pinterest is one of my favorites to follow.

    If you ever get the time and are in town, you must come into the new yarn store we've got now. It's The Joy of Knitting in the K-Mart shopping center on 96. Come say hi to me (I work one weekend day) and feel up all the gorgeous yarns.

    1. Hey Suzanne! I was wondering how you were doing. We're moving (hopefully) mid-November. The closest big town to us will be the one you hail from, so I'll be a more frequent visitor. I'll fill you in through email if I can ever get a moment to sit still. :) I would love to feel up all the gorgeous yarns for sure!


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