Can't Wait To Move!

...but really do not want to pack.

I hate packing. I hate it, Bob. (major points if you got that last bit.)

Meh. Blah. Arg. Ugh.

All that and more. I drag my feet when it comes to packing. I will procrastinate until the very last second.

I need to take a moment to remind myself how blessed I am to have things to pack. How blessed I am to have a home to move have the money to move in the first place. I need to remember to be prayerful in these days leading up to our closing and the inevitable packing up of our rental house. I need to remember there are people out there who would love to pack and move, but have nothing to pack and no where to move.

All that eases the pain of packing for me.

I have been spending Miss Raspberry's nap times looking up decorating ideas and DIY projects. I can't wait to share all of my ideas and work with y'all! I simply cannot wait to decorate a house the way I want to! I cannot wait to re-purpose some items and make them work in our new home.


I love that word. It's a very good word.


  1. I usually start a knitting project instead of packing. I know. I'm not helping. hee hee


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