Fall is HERE!

The outside temperature right this very moment is 58 degrees! I have been saying allllllllll day how beautiful it is - how much I love cooler weather - wow, it's just gorgeous out - look at those blue skies!

Seriously. The Celt keeps laughing at how many times I've repeated the above.

The leaves are starting to change here & we're all rocking pants and long sleeve shirts. The babies have socks on their little feet - though, they aren't terribly good at keeping them on. They take after their Momma :)

I have started my first cable knitting project yesterday. My brother-in-law's girlfriend helped wrangle the babies for me while I got the first couple rounds worked. She was such a lifesaver!

All I want to do today is knit on my hat, snuggle babies, and eat some good yummy soup! Oh Fall - How I've missed you.


  1. I love playing with the babies! Seriously anytime you need to get something around the house done, let me know!

  2. Oh how I wish you could share that weather with me! I'll come sit and knit with you too - it would make for the perfect day.

    1. Oh how I wish you could come sit and knit with me! If I could, you know I would send you some of this gorgeous weather we've been having here!


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