5:30 am is my time. My time to pray, drink coffee, shower, make lists, and collect myself before the children wake from their sleep. Anyone who knows me, or who used to know me, understands that I was not a morning person. With a little help from my dear friends, coffee and french press, I am officially a morning person now.

I love these mornings.

I love to just sit in the silence and sip my coffee. Prayer starts my day off right, and by being a morning person, I am able to devote a few moments for prayer and meditation. Otherwise, most of my prayers are shot up to heaven while doing laundry, rocking a baby, or the inevitable, "Hail Mary..." to calm myself before talking with the toddler about why it is not okay to play in the toilet. I  watch the chickens run about before the sun is high in the sky bringing with it the suffocating heat of a Southern summer. The cows are mostly still at this hour. For it is too early for even them to be up and milling about just yet.

I used to live for the sunsets. Now I live for the sunrises. Such a beautiful, peaceful time of the day.


  1. You and I are birds of a feather - even up at the same time (when you add in the time zone difference), doing the same things. Coffee and quiet reflection start my day because without them, life is just off.

  2. Life is off when for some reason, all of the above doesn't happen! My whole day feels shot.

  3. I find if I can pray (truly pray deeply) before my feet hit the floor that it keeps me connected all day! I do admire your early morning ritual and I can imagine it keeps your recharged through out the day!


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