Canning Fridays, Busy Saturdays, and Lazy Sundays

I woke early Friday to put some Roma tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic in the oven to roast up for a sauce that we could can later that morning. By the time my mother-in-law and sister-in-law got here, Raspberry wasn't being very cooperative. I mainly bounced her about while they peeled tomatoes and canned them for me. I cannot thank them enough!

We had a jam packed day yesterday! I loved every second. We hit the road early to make it before the heat had time to wake itself up. We came back and unloaded groceries, however Monster really didn't want to come inside and who could blame the kid? It was still pleasant out - I didn't want to come inside either. After fixing up our newest calf, Sir Loin (get it?), his bottle I ventured back out to feed the little guy. Then, The Celt and I tackled our lonely little flower garden which had been overtaken by weeds. Nothing stirs my blood like getting in there and getting some mud on my hands. The little flower garden looks so much better! We are getting an abundance of tomatoes and peppers from our vegetable garden. The tomatoes are so sweet you could almost eat them like apples! We have a whole other bowl full of Romas ripening up on the counter as I type.

Alas - we finally did have to come back inside. Miss Raspberry needed milkies and a good nap. I attempted to get Monster one, but it was apparently a no nap day. Once Raspberry woke, we cranked up some good music and got to cleaning the house. I got everything except our bedroom under control. Why is it the bedroom is always the last place to be cleaned? Then we had to high tail it to confession. We didn't think we'd be very long so we left the newly potty trained toddler in his underwear. BIG MISTAKE. Poor kid fell out in the car and then woke up crying because he had to pee. He couldn't hold it and our new car has officially been christened. Yikes. This devastated poor Monster, and in his no nap state, destroyed the rest of his day. Everything from that point on was reason for hysterics and tantrums. Poor kid.

Today, we woke late because it's Sunday - our day of rest. We lazed about in our pajamas for a bit, got ready at a leisurely pace, and finally went to Mass (our Mass is late morning.) After Mass, we went to get some meat at a local grocery store that sells local meat. I stayed in the car with the kids while The Celt ran inside. I turned to Monster and said, "Hey Monster - Mommy loves you. Did you know that?" He said, "MmmHmm. I love....the new car." Oh that boy! Monster started smiling and had the same glint in his eye that his daddy gets when he's messing with me and continued with, "I love...the baby. I love...DADDY. I love...MONSTER trucks!" He makes me laugh. Every single day that little boy makes me laugh. I love him so.

We had lunch at my in-laws, then came home to get Monster a nap today. He is actually taking one along with the rest of my house. Raspberry sleeps on my chest while I type this post and I can hear The Celt sawing logs in the back of the house. I love lazy Sundays.



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