Why Am I On Here?

Do you ever have those moments where you are in-between books, your house is clean, you could bake something but you're not, your laundry is in but it won't need folded for awhile so you find yourself online. You've read your normal blogs that you follow, you've pinned all you've like to pin, you've read everyone's statuses, and yet you're still online. That's happened to me the past few days.

I go into an odd state after I finish reading a book. If it was decent, I don't want to say goodbye to those characters at the end even though I know continuing the book would be pointless. The story is done. Move on. But I must mourn the loss of the characters before I can move on. I'm still caught up in the story to go cheat on it with another.

These in-between book days are my least favorite. I find myself online far too much. This won't be such a problem when I start homeschooling, but my children are still very young. The schooling we do is mostly playtime at this point. I need a better plan for those days. I find myself neglecting things that could be done because I'm endlessly searching for something online that I don't even want. The internet can be such a black hole.

New plan: Mourn the characters, but do while working with your hands. Knit. Sew. Craft. Bake. I can even get Monster involved in some of the crafts I'm wanting to do. Or I can bake something up with his "help." No more just sitting online waiting for something to happen.

What about you? Do you find yourself, on occasion, just sitting online without rhyme or reason?


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