No Sleep and Birthdays

The only way Raspberry will sleep is if she is snugly tucked between us. The Celt and I think it's sweet, and we both know how fast little one's grow up. Monster is Mister Independent. He's been that way since day one.

That said - She decided sleep was overrated last night. I was up somewhere between eleventy bajillion and a metric heiny ton of times. One of those times, she thought, "hmm...I think now is a good time to play." She would roll towards her Daddy and kick, punch, poke, slap at him. I eventually had to put myself between her and him in order to allow him to sleep. You see, Today is The Celt's birthday. I want him to have a good day.

I peeled myself from the bed shortly before 6am to insert myself into a cold shower to wake up. Alas, the cold shower just laughed at me. "HAHAHAHA - I don't work under such conditions!" I wandered out to pray and get my coffee going. I'm on cup number 2. I think the coffee is laughing at me as well.

Nevertheless, we will have a good day! Like I mentioned, today is my husband's 31st birthday. The man is an amazing one, indeed. He works hard so we can save for a larger farm. He gets up early to feed the pigs and fill water troughs before driving the 45 minutes it takes to get to his 9-5 job. When he returns, he checks on the water troughs again (insane heat we've been having lately,) and then heads in to eat & play with the children before their bedtimes. At the children's bedtime, I go to nurse Raspberry to sleep while The Celt sits by Monster's bedside while Monster tells him story after story before finally throwing himself down and passing out. The Celt has about 30 free minutes before he passes out himself. He wakes up and starts over. I love his dedication to his family. I love his work ethic. I love him.


  1. He truly is a wonderful man who has his priorities in life perfectly straight. What a blessing you have, and I know you know it too.


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