I'm unplugging.

From what?

From a social networking site that has become nothing more than a huge gossip and drama site. A site devoted to giving you the illusion of security while invading every inch of your privacy it possibly can. Even cleaning out the friends list didn't help. It just kept happening. I kept getting online to check it and for what reason? I cannot explain it. Some of the people I will miss, but they know how to get in contact with me. I'm just over it. It started out being a good tool to connect with lots of people and ended up being a huge ugly mess.

Friends are people you can rely on. They are the one's you call when you're happy, sad, excited, or just wanting to chat about everyday nothings. I'd rather have a few of those type friends as opposed to over a hundred who couldn't really be bothered much more past "liking" something I've posted. I want something deeper from my relationships with people. I want an actual relationship with someone who claims friendship with me. Something beyond my liking what they had for supper or commenting that I had intended to have the same thing.

I long for days of old. Perhaps I am an old-fashioned fool who would rather go backwards in time than continue forwards. I have found so much emptiness to be had in social media sites. There is too much life out there to live & so many people yearning for real friendship. We should be putting down the smart phones, laptops, & tablets more and actually living our lives. I wish to try so many new things - I just haven't got the time to do that and worry about the other.

Here's to swallowing the red pill...


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