Saturday Traditions

Every Saturday morning, we all wake up early. We load ourselves into our truck - me in the back between two car seats so that the babies stay happy - and haul ourselves 40 minutes to the nearest Whole Foods Market to load up on things we need for the week that I don't make myself.

I shake colorful toys for Raspberry to play with while Monster bobs his little head along to the classical music station. The beautiful scenery quickly changes to the chaos that is Nashville. Once upon a time, I thought I would love to live in the city with all the comings and goings and whatever else the fast paced world would throw at me. I now know that to be entirely false. I couldn't stand more than a visit these days. I want slow. I yearn for slow. I simply adore the country life.

I have a confession: We lost this tradition shortly before Raspberry made her appearance in January. We started eating processed junk again and suffered for it. I can spend a little more money, haul the whole family to Nashville, and eat amazing home cooked meals by just remembering how horrible we got to feeling. I was exhausted all the time. My husband, The Celt, was having major stomach issues. And poor Monster suffered the worse. Monster had stopped eating around that time. He became ridiculously picky about what he would and wouldn't eat. He started throwing INSANE tantrums about every little thing. He was having a miserable time. It took a week of switching back to the whole foods to see a definite turn around in his behavior. He eats again. Monster hated the processed food. He will eat whole foods any day of the week. He pays attention better when tell him things. The tantrums are rare now and are usually set off by being sleepy.

If ever I forget again, do me a huge favor - remind me how important the food we put in our bodies is to our bodies proper function. Remind me of that poor little boy throwing himself on the floor because he didn't want to eat all that salty, preservative riddled food. Remind me how amazing I feel in spite of the baby girl waking every few hours a night still. Remind me that my husband's stomach issues are a thing of the past. Remind me how much I love that drive with my little family because those truly are a great few hours that I will always treasure.


  1. I can't agree with this more! My kids behavior is completely driven by what they are eating!!


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