Canning and Growth Spurts

I have had on my counter eleventy bajillion Roma tomatoes in varying degrees of ripeness alllllll weekend. Today, they are finally ready & roasting up in the oven. They are to be made into a quick tomato sauce and canned later this morning. I have some beautiful heirloom tomatoes that should ripen in the next couple of days. Also - there is a whole other box of peaches sitting in my dining room getting ripe and ready for more jam and freezing.

The girl child is either pre-gaming for her growth spurt or she's in the midst of it. Either way - I'm losing my mind. I tried to get up this morning at my normal time, however it just wasn't meant to be. Raspberry needed me close by just in case she needed her milkies, which she did...lots. I've had her in the Ergo all morning and I'm still losing my mind. She's a mess, I'm a mess. The only person that has it together in this house today appears to be Monster. Poor kid. I feel for him. Every time we sit to do something together, Raspberry completely loses it. This post has taken me three hours to get done. I kid you not. It *should* be over soon enough though and the chaos will fade back to our normal routines. For now, we're on our full blown chaos schedule. I am trying desperately to let go of my expectations and pray when I feel I might lose my mind.


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